Descubre la opinión de Francisco Cambero sobre nuestro Alumni Day España

Francisco Cambero' testimonial about the Spain Alumni Day

We are OBS

Francisco Cambero, alumni of the Master in Production Management and Industrial Automation at OBS, nos comparte su opinión sobre el Alumni Day celebrado en España. 

"You might assume that professionals at such high levels are distant and hard to approach, but in this event, that wasn't the case. Their accessibility, candor, and the way they conveyed their knowledge were incredibly valuable."


What do you think was the highlight of the event?

What stood out to me most about this event was the warm welcome extended by OBS, the opportunity to meet the instructors face-to-face, and the enlightening presentations by the speakers. Each of them brought unique experiences to the table that could reshape our perspectives in various ways. In my view, many of the topics addressed during the event are applicable to both our professional and personal lives, offering opportunities for growth and enhancement.

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

One of the aspects that surprised me the most was the approachability of the experts. You might think that professionals at such a high level can be distant, but that has not been the case. At this event, the experts were very approachable and the way they expressed themselves and shared their knowledge was of great value.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

I would simply describe it as a truly positive and remarkable experience!


Now you know Francisco Cambero's experience on the Spain Alumni Day. If you want to know more about the Alumni Days, don't hesitate to visit the page.