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Alfredo Torre's testimonial about the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service

Descubre la opinión de Alfredo Torre sobre el servicio de diagnóstico del perfil profesional

Alfredo Torre shares his experience participating in the Professional Profile Diagnosis service. Alfredo studied the Master in Strategic Operations and Innovation Management at OBS Business School. 

"The experience has been totally positive, from the call, the clarity of the process and above all the willingness of the coach. I definitely recommend it!"


Tell us briefly about your career

I am Alfredo Torre, a student of the Master in Strategic Management of Operations and Innovation and I live in Lima, Peru. I am currently dedicated to the studies that are close to culminate and therefore I am interested in looking for relocation, hopefully with a new degree in hand. My last experience was as an Operations Manager in a FinTech and before that I worked as an Acquiring Services Manager for a well-known international credit card brand.

Why did you decide to join the service?

I decided to sign up for the CV Diagnostic as part of my outplacement strategy, as the last time I looked for a job related to my career it was still done in the traditional way. My main expectation is to have a professional summary that can make the outplacement process faster.

Have you been able to enhance your profile and reach more recruiters?

Sure enough, Héctor explained to me the differences in the types of CVs, what relevant information they should show and how they should be compatible with ATS software.

What has been your experience with this service?

The experience has been totally positive, from the call, the clarity of the process and above all the predisposition of the coach, he even took the time to listen to me, he found a way to link my CV with LinkedIn, he gave me a series of tips and left me a task that I am working on to improve my profile. I definitely recommend it!

What has your time at OBS meant for you?

I am very satisfied with the decision to take this Master, the level of the programme, the modules, the knowledge of the professors in each of the fields, have totally enriched my knowledge and skills to move forward with my professional plans. It has definitely been a more than important step to continue advancing in my career.

Now you know Alfredo Torre's opinion about the Professional Careers service, Diagnosis of the Professional Profile. If you want to know more experiences of OBS Business School alumni, do not hesitate to consult them.