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David Chacón's testimonial about the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service

Descubre la opinión de David Chacón sobre el servicio de diagnóstico del perfil profesional

David Chacón, Logistics Operations Analyst at Amazon, shares her experience participating in the Professional Profile Diagnosis service. Mónica studied the Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics at OBS Business School. 

"The diagnosis pointed out specific areas to improve and enhance my profile, refine my CV and stand out more effectively towards recruiters."


Tell us briefly about your career

My name is David Chacón and I am currently based in Seville. My background includes a Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from OBS and my current position is Logistics Operations Analyst.

Why did you decide to join the service?

I took the Professional Profile Diagnosis in hopes of receiving a comprehensive assessment of my CV to boost my career. I was looking for specific guidance to stand out in this competitive work environment.

Have you been able to enhance your profile and reach more recruiters?

The diagnosis pointed out specific areas of improvement and enhancement of my profile. These included the need to refine the description of past achievements, incorporating quantifiable data to support my contributions. In addition, further integration of key skills, such as project management, data analytics and supply chain optimisation, I was recommended to align my profile with current market expectations. These insights were crucial to refine my CV and to more effectively stand out to recruiters.

What has been your experience with this service?

My experience was very positive. The feedback was thorough and practical. I would definitely recommend it to OBS colleagues to enhance their professional profiles.

Tell us briefly about your career

My time at OBS has been essential to my professional growth. The academic quality and resources available have been pillars in my development in logistics. I am grateful for the experience at OBS, as it has been a significant achievement in my career.

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