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Lisa Batz's testimonial about the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service

Diagnostico CV - Lisa Batz

Lisa Batz, buyer at Walmart Mexico and Central America, shares her experience taking part in the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service. Lisa took the Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics at OBS Business School. 

"During the course I identified several opportunities on my CV, I learned about tools I can use to improve it and additionally, how to improve my LinkedIn profile, which I didn't expect to get feedback on, so it was very useful to me".


Tell us briefly about your career

I am from Guatemala, I completed a Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics and I am currently working in the commercial area of a multinational retail corporation as a purchaser.

Why did you decide to join the service?

I decided to register for the Professional Profile Diagnosis Service because, after several years in my current position, I decided to take a step forward in my career in order to highlight and summarise what has been my professional experience over the years.

Have you been able to enhance your profile and reach more recruiters?

One of my main goals was to be able to create a CV that would make an impact, that could show the highlights of my professional career in 1 or 2 pages. During the workshop I identified several opportunities in my CV, I was able to learn about tools that I can use to improve it and also how to enhance my LinkedIn profile, which I didn't expect to get feedback on, which I thought was very interesting.

What has been your experience with this service?

It's been over a year since I finished my master's degree, and I was just about to update my CV, but I had no idea where to start. I would recommend all students who have the opportunity to take this course to make the most of it, it will certainly be an excelent guide, just as it was for me.

What has your time at OBS meant for you?

My time at OBS has been the beginning of many new challenges, both professionally and personally, which I would not have been able to face if I didn't have the tools and knowledge I have acquired throughout the master. I have enjoyed my time at OBS and I hope to continue to develop my skills in the near future with other programmes at OBS.

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