Descubre la opinión de Carmen Benoit sobre nuestro Alumni Welcome

Carmen Benoit's testimonial about the Alumni Welcome 2023

We are OBS

Carmen Benoit, alumni of the Master in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and eCommerce at OBS, shares her thoughts on the Alumni Welcome 2023 held in Barcelona, Spain.

"I'd like to highlight my admiration for the potential they embody, their drive, motivation, and relentless pursuit of progress, innovation, and growth. They consistently push boundaries and strive to stay ahead, leading us towards the future."


What do you think was the highlight of the event?

What I enjoyed most about this event is the opportunity for students to come together and connect in Spain, which I find truly remarkable. It's incredible, especially considering the participation of individuals from over five different countries. Moreover, having the chance to hear from both alumni and the team added tremendous value to the experience.

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

I'd like to emphasize the incredible potential they possess—their drive, motivation, and commitment to progress, innovation, and continuous growth. Their forward-thinking attitude, always staying ahead of the curve, resonates deeply with me, particularly given my background in Digital Marketing.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

To me, OBS embodies innovation at its core.

Now you know Carmen Benoit's experience on the Alumni Welcome 2023. If you want to know more about the Alumni Welcome, don't hesitate to visit the page.