Great success of the Alumni Day "Attitudes that Inspire", with Víctor Küppers

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More than 2,000 viewers watched the virtual event

On Friday 25th of April, the school celebrated the Alumni Day "Attitudes That Inspire", hosted by the renowned motivational speaker Víctor Küppers. Under the title "Living and working with joy", the virtual event provided participants with a dose of motivation and new perspectives on how to approach personal and professional challenges with optimism.

"The most important thing in life is prioritizing what truly matters".

After welcoming all participants and introducing the latest developments in Alumni services and activities along with Karely Munárriz and Carlos Aguilera, Presidents of the Alumni Clubs Mexico and Ecuador respectively, the Alumni Manager of OBS, Valeria González, introduced Víctor Küppers, renowned for his motivational talks and focus on positive attitude.

During his presentation, Küppers conveyed his insights and personal journey, emphasizing the pivotal role attitude plays in achieving both success and happiness to an audience of 1,500 viewers who tuned into the live-streamed event on the OBS YouTube channel.

Victor Kuppers será el speaker del Alumni Day online de México y Ecuador

After the event, attendees engaged in meaningful dialogue with Victor Küppers, exchanging comments and questions. This space fostered an atmosphere where participants voiced their doubts and concerns while the speaker inspired them to nurture essential values like serenity and gratitude, aiming to empower each individual to evolve into their optimal self. "It's not about demagogy," asserted the expert, "Positive psychology doesn't promise to erase our problems; rather, it empowers us to confront them with resilience and joy."

"We need leaders who are good people"

Among the valuable insights shared with the attendees were these lessons from Víctor Küppers, resonating perfectly with the ethos of the OBS Alumni Community. This community is dedicated to providing enriching experiences and practical tools, fostering both professional networking and lifelong learning opportunities for students and alumni alike.