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OBS holds the 2024 Annual Faculty Reunion

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Programme directors and professors of the school joined the annual event

On Wednesday 8th of May 2024, the Academic Direction of OBS Business School hosted its 2024 Annual Faculty Reunion. Dr. Casilda Güell, Dean of the school, and Dr. Alba Barbarà, Vice-Dean, welcomed the members who attended the event.

The event provided a platform to share the latest school news, its main projects for the current year, as well as the progress and results achieved in the past months and the challenges and opportunities for each area of the Academic Direction Department of OBS.

OBS celebra el Claustro General Docente anual con 74 asistentes de todos los programas de la escuela

The new structure of the Academic Department

The event gathered 74 members from the faculty, among programme directors and professors from all fields of study within the institution. New members of the department were introduced at the reunion, as well as projects for the current year from each of the four areas that constitute the Academic Direction of the school: Programmes, Faculty, Research and Quality.

The energy and commitment demonstrated by all attendees is testament of the spirit of excellence that drives our academic community. With a new academic structure in place and a renewed approach to quality and research, OBS Business School is ready to embrace challenges and opportunities on the path to educational excellence.