Descubre la opinión de Betany Briceño sobre nuestro Alumni Day España

Betany Briceño' testimonial about the Spain Alumni Day

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Betany Briceño, alumni of the Master in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and eCommerce at OBS, shares her opinion on the Alumni Day held in Spain. 

"The best thing about the event was the opportunity it provided to connect with our colleagues in person, individuals with whom I studied and interacted throughout the master's program."


What do you think was the highlight of the event?

What I liked most about the event was the opportunity to connect and finally see the faces of all the people with whom I studied and share experiences. We have created great relationships, in my case, I am even talking about starting a company with a colleague form the master. I feel holding this type of events is necessary for our development and cretaing connections.

What stood out for you among the professionals you met?

I would like to highlight Alberto Valls' speech, as my main career is in Architecture, he spoke about Real Estate which I think is a very interesting topic nowadays. Not only as an architect but also as a person. We should all know comething about investment and I found that it was a plus, although it is not the main subject of the master, it was a subject that concerns us all as individuals and professionals.

How would you describe your experience at OBS?

I would define today’s event as necessary. I think these events should be even more frequent, the school is 100% online and convining it with an on-site event like this is very rewarding.

Now you know Betany Briceño's experience on the Spain Alumni Day. If you want to know more about the Alumni Welcome, don't hesitate to visit the page.