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OBS in the TOP 9 of Financial Magazine's Employability Ranking

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The school stands out for its commitment to the professional growth of its students

The prestigious portal of economic information, education and training centers Financial Magazine annually publishes various rankings that evaluate educational centers and institutions of all levels and modalities that meet the criteria of academic excellence.

Recently, the platform has highlighted the quality of OBS Business School in the Employability category, where it has achieved the ninth position.

The employability rate of OBS students is 96.7%

To demonstrate its commitment to employability, OBS Business School has published the Employment Report, a valuable annual study that analyzes the real impact of the school on the professional development of its students. The report shows, among other things, that the employability rate of students after completing an OBS program is 96.7%. In addition, it reveals that the average salary increase of OBS students is 20.1% after completing a Master's or MBA program.

For more information, feel free to download the Employment Report 2024.

How is the Employability Ranking elaborated?

Financial Magazine's list, which in this case analyzes the business schools with the highest employability in Spain, is based on two objective indicators that categorize the participating institutions: the information provided by the educational institution itself and the center's metrics in the digital sphere that reflect its academic reputation.

Annually, more than 400 universities, business schools and higher education institutions are analyzed, and a list of the top 10 in each category is published.